Yogurt Parfait ready to go, and a great way to help your body

Greek Yogurt that helps your body heal it's self


Served till 10:30 am

Bacon Butty, your after the bar or traditional Breakfast sandwich

Ciabatta bun, Bacon, Tomato, Cheese, Special Sause

Bagels, Bring her a warm bagel and coffee and you have her all day

Salmon with Cream Cheese, Red Onion, Capers 

Bagel with Cream Cheese,

Bagel with Sharp Cheddar 

Bagel with PB&J

Baked Wontons, for those of you who want to try something different to try. 

These Veggie Wontons are made locally and with local Co-Op Beans, Bean There Done That!

Raji Veggie Burger made right here in Bad Axe

Fresh Ciabatta bun, Raji Burger with Tomato, Swiss Cheese, Onion, Special Sauce 

Ham and Cheese the old stand by in a new way!

Fresh Ciabatta bun, Black Forest Ham, Mayo, Swiss Cheese, Tomato, Spinach, Onion and German Mustard 

Roast Beef Sandwich, the king of sandwiches, long live the King

Fresh Ciabatta bun, Roast Beef, Mayo, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Tomato, Spinach, Onion and Mustard 

House Turkey Sandwich, for those who really want to try something fresh and new. 

Made with fresh Ciabatta bun, Turkey, Green Apple, Spinach, Swiss Cheese, Blue Berry Mustard (made in Michigan) 

Daily Delites 

Served till close

What do you hanker for


Your Neighborhood Fix

Plenty of sweet treats made fresh daily on site from cakes, pies, scones and cookies. We know you'll get sweet on us! 

Oatmeal by Crazy Oats some of the finest Oatmeal you will find and from Port Austin too

Old fashion Oat meal not the heat and serve kind, If it's not Scottish Its Crap! 

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